holistic support

helping families facing ASD and other special needs thrive!

When a child is diagnosed within the autism spectrum, it’s not only the child who faces special challenges. The entire family experiences life-changing circumstances and responsibilities. MOA partners with families offering a support system that encourages the child’s development and the family’s well being - so that all can flourish.

we offer:

• care specialist placement services to help you find creative and skilled childcare that deeply understand your child and your needs
• dynamic training seminars that can help you create learning opportunities for your child in everyday moments, train your caregivers or support your professional development.
• personal consultations to help you figure out how to make it all work - the new diet, maintaining your positive outlook, dealing with IEP's
• referrals to professionals offering main stream and alternative treatment modalities

We understand that every aspect of family life is affected when a child faces the challenges of autism.

Many parents go into action-mode, seeking all available treatment modalities provided through school and privately. But the demands of family life, by its very nature, is already a full-time job. Add to it the demands of proactive therapeutic protocols, the special demands of caring for a child within the ASD spectrum, many feel deeply challenged and alone.

We're here to help.

We partner with you, our kindred families, helping you to develop ways to understand and integrate all these new facets of your life. We'll take it one step at a time. Assist with any aspect you need, from finding competent childcare, to helping create a home environment that supports your special child’s sensory challenges, to figuring out how to make sustainable dietary changes, to building ways therapeutic goals can be furthered within the home through loving acceptance that capitalizes on every day learning opportunities and effective tools that help you understand your child's developmental picture.

We can help. We've been there.

We partner with families because we understand. We’re also parents of children with special needs and we know the impact a support team can have that alleviates isolation, provides a knowledgable sounding board for ideas, and carries within it the message of hope and acceptance with practical ways to help you create 'your new normal’ lifestyle and help your child flourish.

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"Shakiera was wonderful! She and K. had an amazing time doing K.'s favorite thing, preparing food.
if the other MOA caregivers are like her, you will have more requests than you can fill!"

mom of 9 year old child with PDD

and create a 'new normal' for your family

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